The world was once bristling with life. Civilizations prospered, crops flourished, commerce boomed. All was well. Some centuries ago, a poisonous mist crept across the world. Seemingly anything it touched would wither and die in a matter of days. Cities fell, crops died, markets crashed, wars were fought. No one knew where this mist originated from but it brought nothing but death. The world was now a husk of it’s former self.

As time passed, a unique crystal was found deep in a dwarven mine. It glowed an unearthly hue of blue and gave off a soft hum. It was later discovered that this rare crystal possessed properties that could ward off the mist on the surface. Only seven of these crystals have ever been found in existence and they now stand as vigilant protectors of the last cities of surface civilization.

As things stand today, most can no longer safely travel by land or sea. As such, the demand of a safe means of travel became increasingly important. Airships were developed to fill this need as well as rudimentary respirators that could filter the mist into breathable air.

With the invention of air travel, commerce once again began to pick up. Unfortunately, so did piracy. The early years of air travel were plagued with skirmishes and massive casualties as people fought to protect what little they had left. As a result, the remaining cities of the world formed standing Air Navies to protect their merchant and transport vessels.

We join our party aboard one such passenger vessel heading to Keregor, The Free City of Men.
Welcome, to IRON SKIES.

Iron Skies